Pertinent to discussion on Forensic reform

Briefly scan any one of the hyperlinks in Mark Godsey’s comprehensive blog, and it becomes all the more self-evident that money is the only way in which to compensate a man whose freedom had been revoked based on “false evidence”, the lawyers like to say.  We do tell the truth on the stand, and explain the evidentiary value of forensic significance to “assist the trier of fact” in their mission, to the best of our ability as Forensic Odontologists, i.e. Doctors of Dental Surgery, or Dental Medicine.  There is nothing false about what we say on the witness stand.

That being said, do not ignore the fact that compensation for 24 cases of wrongful conviction predicated erroneous bite mark testimony, will as it ought, cost the taxpayer.  Bitemark analyses were never intended to be an “identification” science. It became Ted Bundy’s legacy.  In my professional opinion, there will never be another Ted Bundy, with a stacked deck of unique quality.  Research Ted Bundy’ s bitemark, the chipped, rotated, sharp edges of his anterior teeth, mandibular and maxillary, including the fractured mesial incisal edge composite resin restoration on tooth # 9.

Another blog:  Do not dismiss the act of biting exerts a terrific amount of compressive strength. The decedent is the victim of a most egregious violent attack of brutal savagery.  No question.  Swab the evidence and be done with speculation on the identity of the biter.  I advocate judicious use of taxpayer dollars at trial.  You will have a runaway jury due to the”CSI  Effect”.


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