Forensic dentist defends the Innocence Project against “Anti Forensic Science” AAFS/ABFO Accuser

FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends

The California Dental Association Journal, in its July 2015 publication presented a multi contributor article on forensic dentistry. Having good PR for the efforts of largely volunteer dentists doing human identification cases and being trained and available in mass disaster responses is gratifying. The only hitch in the piece was the portion from a bitemark reader of this California contingent praising the method’s contributions to criminal justice and society in general. Needless to say, I had some objections to that part which I published here.

It’s only a handful within this California forensic dental group (30 in all of 32,000 dentists in CA) whom are bitemark dentists. To put a context to what shows up in the media about bitemark’s “relevant scientific community,” the number  in the United States and Canada purveyors of bitemark dental services can be determined to be 39. This is based on the number of participants taking a recent…

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