Fighting Forensic Junk Science taking place in Dallas Texas: Let’s talk science not quackery, promises and lies

Honest assessment is worth its weight in gold! Thank you, to a colleague and mentor!

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Contributing Causes

In response to chilling mistakes and misdeeds involving the execution of

Cameron Todd WillinghamTodd Willingham and the 25 year false incarceration of

Michael MortonMichael Morton, things are changing regarding forensic experts in one US state. It is note worthy that nearly 50% (154 cases) of DNA proven wrongful convictions were generated or aided by faulty forensics testimony posing as “scientific.”  This is only one statistical baseline, the other data set is at the National Registry of Exonerations. (Look up False or Misleading Forensic Evidence (F/MFE) in its Glossary).

The TX Forensic Science Commission was established by the legislature for the following purposes:

“The mission of the FSC is to strengthen the use of forensic science in criminal investigations and courts by:

  • developing a process for reporting professional negligence or misconduct
  • investigating allegations of professional negligence or misconduct
  • promoting the development of professional standards and training
  • recommending legislative improvement

One of the FSC’s first…

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