“CSI is a Lie” and the Innocence Project’s video response to questionable and faulty US forensics and police labs

It’s a flim-flam, as sure as shootin’. A self perpetuated myth, and denial of Error Rate. There are layers of deceit that line those pockets…

FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends

The Innocence Project’s Chris Fabricant, the Director of Strategic Litigation, presents its determination to lead and support forensic reform in the US Criminal Justice Systems. US Senator Blumenthal has choice words for bitemark analysts.

The scope of the piece is that this new FBI lab scandal is only a glimpse of the total picture.

MSNBC interview


Sherlock Holmes is surely a myth according to this Atlantic expose’. The author really amps up the shock wave passing in front of the public’s eyes since last week’s announcement about the failures of the  FBI crime lab.  Article 

My particular interest being pattern analysis, I am particularly interested in what is said in response to these journalists. It generally concedes nothing other than blaming the problem on someone or something else.

Here’s a couple comments from some bitemark advocates concerning the recent WashPost continuing slam on their credibility and self-acclaimed (neither published…

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